Battersea Spiritualist Church

We are never alone. The spirit world is always there to help and support us in our earthly journey if we are willing to reach out.

Evidence of the afterlife can be gained through mediumship.

The President, Margaret Cutler and the committee welcome all to Battersea Spiritualist Church.

Who we are

We  conduct Private Readings and offer Spiritual Healing.

We host a service based demonstration of Clairvoyance/Mediumship.


Services at Battersea Spiritualist Church are held on Thursday at 7.30pm & Sunday at 6 pm. Demonstration of Clairvoyance / Mediumship last about an hour.


We hold regular private readings with various mediums once a month. Please note when having a reading, mediumship is an experiment and as such no guarantees can be given.


At Battersea Spiritualist Church all our healers are fully SNU accredited. We hold two weekly walk-in healing sessions. Monday  1.30 pm to 3.00 pm and Friday 5.30 pm to 7 pm.

Spiritual healing is completely non-intrusive. We can offer no guarantee of success but healing can often have benefical effects on patient’s general wellbeing and sometimes on specific health conditions.


We are affiliated to the SNU. The concepts of SNU philosophy of spiritualism is based upon “The Seven Principles” that were spirit communicated through the medium, Emma Hardinge Britten, in 1871. More details of SNU spiritualism at


Years of SERVICE

Battersea Spiritualist Church has been serving the local community for over 90 years.

Bennerley Hall was built in 1889. Before it became a Church in 1925, it had been used as a gymnasium, a Mission for the deaf and later as a Dance Academy

The President, Margaret Cutler and the committee members give their time and devotion by working tirelessly to keep the Church open and create a peaceful place of learning and knowledge.

There is a high standard of (SNU trained) Spiritual healing under the leadership of the healing leader and a team of healers and helpers.

What we do - Services & Events

Services at Battersea Spiritualist Church are held on Thursdays at 7.30pm & Sundays at 6 pm. We also hold regular private readings with various mediums once a month. Please note when having a reading, mediumship is an experiment, and as such no guarantees can be given. The mediums / clairvoyants booked for service and private readings are listed below, but are subject to change at a short notice. The Church is solemnised for weddings, funerals and naming.

Private Readings must be booked and paid at the church in advance.

Friendship Club: doors open at 1.30pm. Start at 2.00 – 4.00pm. Cost £3.00.

Spiritual Healing is available on Mondays 1.45 – 3.30pm & Fridays 5.30 – 7pm.



1 Sharon Martin

8 Vanda Galaza

15 Mary Regan

22 John Alexander

29 Dawn Collinson


4 David Chapman

11 Pat Murrey

18 Coleen Rechere

25 Patsy Sorenti

Private Readings: Tuesday 6th at 7pm with Iris Bridgewater.

Friendship Club: Wednesday 7th at 2pm with Janet Neville.



5 Gladys Williams

12 Melanie Bond

19 Stuart Cooper

26 Pat Murrey


1 Janet Neville

8 Mildred Davidson

15 Michael Lennon

22 Bruce Bayley

29 Steven Evens

Privare Readings: Tuesday 3rd at 7pm with Trevor Christian.

Freindship Club: Wednesday 4th at 2pm with June Frost.

Special: Saturday 21st at 7pm in aid of Cancer research with Janet Neville, Gladys Williams and Mary Regan. Adm £5.00



3 Tracey Kray

10 June Frost

17 Tannya Streatfield

24 Trevor Christian

31 Ray Prendergast



6 Jonathan Whitker

13 Sheila McCarthy

20 Martin Jones

27 John Alexander 

Private Readings: Tuesday 1st at 7pm with Elain Stainton.

Friendship Club: Wednesday 2nd with Gladys Williams.

Special: Saturday 12 at 7pm with Andy Mulligan, An evening of Spiritual Art. Adm £5.00

Contact us

We’d love to hear from you

Battersea Spiritualist Church

46 Bennerly Road,

London SW11 6DS.


Margaret Cutler: 020 7223 3156

Pat Ayers: 020 7622 4900




Main Line Station: Clapham Junction is 15 minutes walk.

Buses: 319 & G1 are a few minutes from Northcote Rd. The following buses stop nearby at Clapham Junction. C3, 35, 37, 39, 49, 77, 87, 156, 170, 219, 295, 344, 337 & 345. 

Parking: on side roads. Please check for restrictions.

Transport for London link below may help in planning your journey.

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