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Battersea Spiritualist Church has been serving the communuty for over 80 years and we hope to be here for many more years. We are looking to update the history of Battersea Spiritual Church and such ask anyone who may have any details that may help in creating a complete log to contact us.
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Bennerley Hall was built in 1889. Before it became a Church it had been used as  a gymnasium, a Missiom for the deaf and later as a Dance Academy. Although it was registered as a church in 1925, the name of Battersea Spiritualist Churchwas used before that date.

It appeare that the church was founded with the help of spirit. Mauriel and Harry  Boddington, who  were both well known at the time, ran a circle in Brixton. The name "Bennerley Road" kept being given through spirit but nobody knew where it was. When Muriel was discussing this with her Insurance man, who pointed out that Bennerley Road was in Battersea, and that was how it began  

The name began before Battersea Spiritualist church was officially named. Harry Boddington became one of the first trustees of Battersea Spiritualist church. He was also a well known writer of Spiritualist Philosophy, there are several books in our church Library.

Mrs. frances Tyler, also a trustee, became the first president of Battersea Spiritualist Church.There were several Presidents who held office for short periods. unfortunately the minutes Book for the period between 1932-1948 is missing. During this time one well known medium, Edith Clements was also our church secretary and gave many years of service and passed to spirit in 1951.

Ethel Hayward became president in 1951 and served for 20 years, only stopped because of ill health.

In more recent years there have been several Presidents and numerous committee members who have given their time and devotion to the church by working tirelessle to keep the Church open and create a peaceful place of learning and knowledge.

There has been a high standard of Spiritual healing at the church and this is still maintained today under the leadership of the healing leader and a team of healers and helpers .

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