History of Spiritualism and SNU


Spiritualists experience evidence of the afterlife through mediumship and discover that is the gateway to a greater expression of life. The log below starts from the Hydesville Rapping, which was the beginning of the Fox sisters career and also the start of organised Spiritualism in the West. 
 A Log of some important dates and events that have shaped SNU Spiritualism and it's Formation

The Events at Hydesville that led to the formation of Modern Spiritualism.
Margaretta Fox gave the first public demonstration of mediumship in the  CorinthianHall, New York, USA.
Mrs Hayden came from America and became the first Spiritualist medium to   demonstrate mediumship in Great Britain.
The first Spiritualist church opened in 1853 in Keighley in Yorkshire.
Robert Owen, Socialist and co-founder of the Co-operative Movement, embraced  Spiritualism after sittings with Mrs. Hayden. (After passing to the Spirit World he  became the author of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism, they were then  adopted by the Spiritualist's National Union).
First Spiritualist newspaper in Britain, "The Yorkshire Spiritualist Telegraph"  published at Keighley.
Andrew Jackson Davis established the first Sunday Lyceum for children in New  York
Emma Hardinge, returned to England where she gave addresses on the Philosophy  of Modern Spiritualism and was recognised as a gifted medium.
First Lyceum opened in Britain at Nottingham by J. Hitchcock.
 1869  Committee appointed by the Dialectical Society investigated Spiritualism.They    published the most favourable report on Spiritualism up to that time by an   investigating body.
1871  Sir William Crookes reported on Spiritualism to the Royal Society and published his   findings in the 'Journal of Science'.
1873  British National Association of Spiritualists founded. Renamed the London  Spiritualist   Alliance in 1884 and also known as the College For Psychic Science, renamed as "The  College of Psychic Studies" in South Kensington, London.
1882 Society for Psychical Research founded.


The Two Worlds founded as a Spiritualistic weekly newspaper by Mrs. Harding   Britten. (Now a monthly magazine). British Lyceum Manual also published for the  first   time. The Seven Principles   given by Mrs. Emma Harding Britten.


Formation of the National Spiritualists' Federation.Spiritualists' Lyceum Union  established (Name changed to British Spiritualists' Lyceum Union in 1894).
1890 The first national conference of Spiritualists was held in Manchester.
Foundation of National Spiritualists' Association in America.
1901 Signing of the Memorandum of Association of the Spiritualists' National Union  Ltd, 18th October.
1916 Parliamentary campaign began for the legal recognition of Spiritualism, instituted by  the Union under Ernest Oaten.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle proclaims his belief in Spiritualism
 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
1923 Formation of the International Spiritualists' Federation.
1924 Hannen Swaffer proclaimed his Belief in Spiritualism.
1931-5 Publication of J. Arthur Findlay's trilogy: On the Edge of the Etheric, The Rock of  Truth and The Unfolding Universe.
Psychic News founded by Arthur Findlay under the editorship of Maurice Barbanell.
1934 First broadcast on behalf of Spiritualism through BBC by Ernest Oaten.
1937 Spiritualism investigated by Church of England committee set up by Archbishop of    Canterbury, Dr. Lang. (Its favourable report was suppressed but leaked to  Psychic   News)
1940 Spiritualists' National Union granted Certificate to act as a trust corporation.
1944 Trial of Helen Duncan (25 November 1896 - December 1956) was a Scottish medium    best known as the second last person to be imprisoned under the English Witchcraft Act of 1735. 
1951 Passing of Fraudulent Mediums Act removing genuine mediums from the provisions  of   the Witchcraft Act 1735 and the Vagrancy Act 1824, thereby enabling  Spiritualists   openly and legally to practise their religion.

Stansted Hall bequeathed to Spiritualists' National Union by Arthur Findlay MBE to be used as a College.                          
Arthur Findlay
1966 Arthur Findlay College, for the advancement of Psychic Science, opened in   September
 SNU Centenary.
The Fraudulent Mediums Act was repealed. Consumer protection law was  extended    to protect people who pay for mediumship services
2010 The Psychic News closed after 78 years by the snu.

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The Spiritualist   National Union 

Stansted Hall was built in 1871 and was a gift to the SNU from Arthur Findlay in 1964.
In 1966 the Spiritualist educational college based a Stansed Hall, Essex "The Arthur Findlay College" was opened. Today, as well as the college on the site, there are the headquarters and other offices of the 'Spiritualists National Union' (SNU).
The Arthur Findlay College offers residential  facilities for study of spiritualist philosophy,  religious practice, spiritual healing and mediumship. 
Stansted Hall
Spiritualist National Union, Redwoods, Stansted Hall, Stansted,  CM24 8UD.     Tel:01279 816363
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